Tips for Starting a TikTok

Getting started on TikTok? Here are some tips and tricks for getting started.
These tips are perfect for someone who already has started their TikTok and is looking to take it to the next level.

1. Start doing current trends

The best piece of TikTok advice is to create trending videos at the time. Using viral sounds, memes, challenges, and trending hashtags is going to give you the most exposure
Trends are so important on TikTok, popular sounds or memes can become viral sensations and lead to huge followings.
Knowing what the trends are becoming popular is the first step. TikTok is like its very own language, to get to know the culture you need to be using TikTok yourself.

2. Use the right hashtags

Using the most popular hashtags on TikTok will make your content more searchable and easier to hit the right target audience. TikTok uses hashtags to decide which videos to promote as well as TikTok users use hashtags to follow content that they enjoy and want to see more of.

3. Follow up on your content, and fast!

The next TikTok tip is simple: stay on the ball.
When you’re learning how to be a TikToker, you need to be on the ball. If you have a video that starts to gain some traction,You need to make similar content and fast. This will keep you in Repost, respond and create additional videos promptly.
Also getting a flood of comments and interaction with new videos will help trigger growth. Make engaging content and the audience will follow!

5. Keep videos short and snappy

Making short and snappy videos is one of the things that really helps creators grow. If you are making longer form TikToks we recommend that they feel like quick clips with changes in background or camera angles.
Watch time and completion rate are metrics that really matter on TikTok. This is what the algorithm is designed to measure – if a high proportion of your viewers watch to the end of your video, this will show the algorithm that your TikTok video is worth sharing to a larger number of users. This starts a snowball effect, helping you to go viral.

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