YouTube Shorts Announces Monetization Program!

YouTube has announced major changes to its YouTube Shorts Partner Program! Creators on the YouTube Shorts platform with at least 10 million views in 90 days or less can now join and earn ad revenue from their videos. The new requirements for qualification as part of this program is 1 thousand subscribers plus 4k watch hours within 12 months up until your first payment becomes available after meeting these milestones.

According to YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, “I’m proud that we’re the first platform at scale with real revenue sharing for short form video on any given platform.” This is because TikTok has started experimenting in ad-revenue sharing but so far seems more focused towards advertisers than creators as only the top 4% of all videos can be monetized through their Creator Fund program. If this news were leaked last week though it’s now confirmed by the New York Times report today which states Shorts will become one big competitor if other platforms see an opportunity too!

YouTube is taking steps to help Shorts creators get more of the music they need for their videos. The new Partner Program will license popular tracks and compensate partners in both licensed content or unlicensed projects, so there’s no difference between using official soundtrack music on your own video versus something from YouTube’s vast library!

YouTube has not yet unveiled a similar revenue-sharing program because it’s trickier to figure out how any fair splitting of ad dollars can be achieved on an algorithmically generated feed that is full or short videos. You cannot embed ads in between two different video content creators either–imagine watching one 30 second clip with eight second interstitials throughout the entire thing! Who would get what share though? The person whose work appeared directly before/after whatever

YouTube has announced that it will distribute money based on the share of total Shorts views each creator commands. “I want to be very clear about one thing: there’s no change in terms of how much attention or importance we place on long-form content,” says Tara Walpert Levy, VP for Creator Partnerships at YouTube. The company is equally committed both formats “which help people express themselves creatively.”

YouTube is giving music creators a new way to earn money through their content. Creator Music, now in beta testing on YouTube’s site and available for streaming via desktop or mobile app enables artists/content owners who have tracks that are up-and coming as well popular ones with established fan bases alike; it gives them access not only let people listen but also purchase these songs from anywhere around the globe at anytime!

This major move by YouTube Shorts will be attracting many TikTok exclusive creators to expand their content onto the Shorts platform. Most TikTok videos posted will most likely be posted on YouTube Shorts for the foreseeable future.’s premium service which removes the watermark from downloaded TikTok videos will allow TikTok creators to expand their content to YouTube Shorts and take advantage of this new YouTube Shorts monetization program.

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